The importance of the quality of light around us is too great to be underestimated. The most stylish designs and models for every taste can be found in our stores. Different ranges of LED spots, panels, strips, decorative pendant sets, tubes, bollards, sconces, floodlights, solar powered outdoor lighting and many more are available. We understand that outdoor lighting in Cyprus requires extra attention due to severe sunlight during summer. On the coastal areas; salty, moist air should also be considered. Taking into account all these factors, all outdoor lighting products we offer are highly resistant to sunlight and do not rust, rot or fade color over time.

Electrical Products

All electrical products we import are produced according to the highest quality standards. They never leave the production facilities before stringent quality controls are performed on each and everyone of them. Switchgear have long lasting, robust components that do not fail under designated electrical loads. Different models and colors of electrical accessories are on offer. Sales of these accessories in Cyprus have surpassed any other brand or model for the last 10 years. They are tried, tested and trusted by tens of thousands of households. Our company is the only one in Cyprus which simultaneously imports electrical, lighting and solar energy related products while manufacturing cables and pipes in its own premises.

Solar Energy Systems

For solar energy systems, warranties provided by manufacturers are usually around 30 years. These long-lasting warranties are only valid for as long as the manufacturers are still in business. We offer exclusively the products of the most trusted manufacturers with proven track records.
These manufacturers are in a class called Tier 1 - a group, consisting of the world's most trusted solar panel producers.
It must be noted that, as the largest solar panel importer in our country, we do not install solar systems. We provide products for installers who are the licensed companies to be installing these systems.


Every product we trade is imported by ourselves. All types of electrical cables and pipes which are economically viable to produce in North Cyprus are produced in our own facilities. Thus, we make sure of the quality of everything we offer and supply them at the most affordable prices.

Family business that has not compromised on ethical values ​​and principles since 1942
No lower or middle class – only top quality products
1st class products are offered for the most affordable prices
The most trusted brands on a global level with proven track records
Thousands of electrical, lighting and solar energy products


Our company, which has sales offices in Nicosia and Kyrenia, has 4,700 m² closed warehouses and 21,000 m² open stock areas. We distribute products to every region of the country.Here you can find a few photos of our warehouses and showrooms.

Nicosia Showroom12

Nicosia Showroom10

Nicosia Showroom9

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Nicosia Showroom6

Nicosia Showroom5

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Nicosia Showroom2

Nicosia Showroom1

Installation of Our First Pipe Production Line

Nicosia Warehouse 2

Nicosia Warehouse 1 NYA Cables

Nicosia Warehouse 2 Armored Cables

Nicosia Warehouse 1 Wholesales

Copper Stock

Our Photovoltaic Panels

Yerolakko Warehouse

Solar Panel Stock